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Natural Meditation

Natural or Surrender Meditation is called Sahaja Yoga in Sanskrit. Translated, it means Natural Union. This great God-given gift and tradition embodies the innate and ultimate striving of humanity for all that is good and pure; it reveals a path as natural as breathing and leads the aspirant to union with God, union with Absolute Truth and union with Divine Love.

The dedicated truth-seeker realizes freedom from the bonds of death and secures his/her immortal birthright. Patanjali's definition of yoga in the Yoga Sutras is “the cessation of modifications in the mind.” Such a significant and potent process is safeguarded and passed on through authentic lineages of masters, from guru to disciple.

Yoga is transmitted from guru to disciple, by the choice to surrender, by the act of love. He/She leads the disciple from the darkness of illusion into the light of the Absolute Truth. Surrender is the ultimate giving that brings the most profound bliss and the "Peace that Passes all Understanding."

Shakti (Divine Power) is transmitted by guru to a worthy aspirant in an initiation called Shakti-Pat. The aspirant surrenders to God, to the Absolute Truth or to Divine Love depending on his or her natural preference or orientation.

All three are different ways of viewing the Absolute. An action-oriented person surrenders to God, a knowledge-oriented person surrenders to the Absolute Truth and a devotion-oriented person surrenders to Divine Love.

Natural Meditation of Australia instructs interested aspirants in the basics of Natural Meditation. The definitive manual for Natural Meditation is Revealing the Secret by Swami Kripalvananda.

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