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Holistic Yoga Program

The Holistic Yoga Program is a balanced approach to personal growth. Yoga in its full form is a system that brings one's whole life into balance and harmony--health and well-being, relating and communication, money, family, sex life and even dying. It combines the wisdom and proven methods from both Eastern and Western sources.

You will proceed systematically by working on four aspects of your life--Body, Senses, Action, and Mind. Within each of these categories are nine subjects. (See Holistic Yoga Mandala of Life.)

Top Body Hatha Yoga Purifying and Accomplishing
Right Senses Raja Yoga Radiating and Transcending
Bottom Action Tantra Yoga Completing and Involvement
Left Mind Humanistic Yoga Clearing and Growing

You will choose one subject from each category and work with an instructor for six weeks to complete the course. At the end of six weeks you may repeat the course with different subjects.

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