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Enlightenment Intensives

The Enlightenment Intensive
The Sponsor
What is Enlightenment?
A Little History
The Staff
The Three Day Enlightenment Intensive

The Enlightenment Intensive

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We are imagining that in this 12th century Chinese zenga painting above (Zen inspired art that points at the Truth) that the two monks are sitting across from each other at an Enlightenment Intensive. The intent Listener on the left has instructed his partner 'Tell me who you are.' The Speaker, on the right, having received what his partner has asked him to do and having intended to experience himself directly, is open to the Truth of himself and now tells the attentive Listener the result of his contemplation. This is the essence of the Enlightenment Intensive technique.

For three days 18 hours a day you will be focused on contemplating the Truth of yourself. Each aspect of the intensive is designed to support the process. A unique technique, a structured, non-distracting environment, regular nourishing meals, experienced staff all add to your ability to experience the Truth of yourself for yourself.

There are several versions of the Enlightenment Intensive available in Australia. This is a powerful technique and people have amazing experiences using it; but it is using all aspects of this technique that makes it most possible for enlightenment to occur. It is for this reason that this intensive will be a be given as Berner taught.

"I have tested this technique and I have compared it to other methods of enlightenment. This technique is about 50-100 times more rapid in producing enlightenment experiences than the classical techniques."
~Charles Berner, Originator of the Enlightenment Intensive.

Additionally Berner made one change to the EI on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the Enlightenment Intensive. He said because of the nature of how enlightenment occurs and who and what we are that the contemplation would be only of who and what one is. For further discussion of this change see 'Consciousness of Truth' and 'Self Reference' at


The Sponsor

There are no religions taught, no other techniques required. The sponsor Natural Meditation of Australia seeks to elevate world consciousness and foster understanding among all peoples by living in the direct personal experience of the Truth.


What is Enlightenment?

The million dollar question. As our graphic above indicates, it has to do with you acting toward yourself. In this case that act is of acceptance or openness. In this process when ones does that, all the things one thinks one is, thoughts, attitudes, emotions are brought up and even more fundamentally using one's mind, emotions, or senses in order to 'get' oneself. Many descriptions on Enlightenment Intensive websites call enlightenment 'direct experience'. In the enlightened state you no longer are looking at who is looking, yet you are conscious of your knowing the Truth of yourself. This consciousness of direct knowledge happens independent of mind, emotions, and sensations. There is nothing intermediate or intermediating between you and knowledge of yourself. You are not intuiting it or thinking it or feeling it or seeing it. The words direct knowledge or direct experience are pointing at this. It is totally satisfying.

Also if you have had an enlightenment before there are deeper levels of enlightenment to be had.

The important thing to remember is that the intensive is for you to experience enlightenment of your true nature for yourself and although such information may be helpful it is only so in honing your own contemplation. The Truth is available to all whether you think it there or not. Your openness and intent to find the Truth for yourself is what is required.

Click here to download the Enlightenment Intensive Manual 'Consciousness of Truth.' See how Charles Berner described enlightenment.

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A Little History

The Enlightenment Intensive was developed by Charles Berner in 1968. There have been many intensive given all over the world. It was a problem Berner was having as a teacher that gave rise to the thought occupying his mind which suddenly resulted in the Enlightenment Intensive concept. Over years of teaching personal growth techniques and principles, he had repeatedly noticed that people who had a hard time making progress did not know who they were and people who made rapid progress knew who they were. Those who thought they were a mind or a personality or a body progressed very slowly. When told to get an idea of an image, they didn't know who was to get the idea or the image. Instead of the real individual knowingly doing the growth technique, it was done through something that the individual was unknowingly confused with – the body, the mind, a personality, even consciousness itself. So even though doing the growth technique may have brought about a change in the mind, body, personality or consciousness, who had caused the change remained unknown to the individual and thus no progress was made in the individual's own ability to make choices with regard to herself or himself. The result was that these people did not feel that they were making progress, and they were right!

What to do about this problem of people not knowing who they are was what Berner was re?ecting on as he sat staring out the window on that beautiful spring afternoon. Suddenly it came to him: Why not take the age-old contemplative question ‘Who am I?' and combine it with communication techniques in the dyad format that had been the brainchild of his wife, Ava. Immediately after that it occurred to him to add the format of the Zen sesshin – and thus was born the Enlightenment Intensive.

When he was later asked about the event, he said, ‘It wasn't that I sat down and thought about it for a long time. I was just musing, “How can we help people to accelerate this process of self-evolution?” While I was long familiar with zazen techniques and the yogic re?ective approaches, I knew how long they took and I was somewhat discouraged by the prospect of having people spend years to get to the place where they woke up to who they are so that they could begin to make progress.'


The Staff

The staff and Intensive is led by a master who has had extensive training and practical experience.  The master has often been a participant in many Intensives including one for six weeks and a staff member on many more.  For more information about the specific duties of the staff download the Monitor's Manual.



Three -Day Enlightenment Intensive

For three day Enlightenment Intensives, long intensives and master's trainings in Australia contact SELF Foundation or

Email the Natural Meditation of Australia for details.

Merimbula, NSW

We welcome you to this experience!

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