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Energy Mastery

The Energy Mastery Program was developed from a discourse given by Swami Kripalvanada on this 65th birthday celebration at Kayavaroahana West in California in 1978. The title of his discourse was Success or Freedom. The Energy Mastery techniques lead to success in the world. The end of Natural Meditation is freedom or liberation.

All the techniques are available at Natural Meditation of Australia's Centre as part of the Energy Mastery Program. Contact the Centre.

The Benefits of Energy Mastery

By using the techniques of Energy Mastery, you can master your body, feelings and mind. You channel the life energy through the sense organs, (eyes, skin, tongue, nose and ears) until you can control the senses. You also focus your life energy through the organs of action (hands, feet, mouth, genitals, and anus) so that you learn to control the body. By mastering the flow of life energy through the senses and organs of actions you eventually are able to control the mind. Thus you can master your energy and thereby master your life.

A complete newly edited transcription of this Swami Kripalvananda's Birthday discourse may be downloaded at the Foundation for Natural Meditation website. Click on ‘Birthday Discourse download'.

The Outward Flow of Life Energy

Most meditation methods involve mental introversion, the inward turning of your attention into the space of the mind. Such methods are good; however, they presuppose that you have control of your life. Mantra, transcendental meditation, raja yoga, etc. are good methods, but you can progress only to a point determined by your control of your body-mind.

Ancient kings and wise men and women achieved their mastery of life by first learning to control their senses and organs of action; only then did they set out to mast their minds. Many people have failed in their efforts to follow internal mental techniques and are now discouraged. They failed because they did not first master the energy that led them into temptation through their senses and organs of action.

If you do not have the ability to channel your energy into creative activities, it is likely to go out of control. To sustain your growth and to lead a happy and successful life, you must concentrate your attention and energy on the things of this world and master the senses and organs of action. The Energy Mastery Techniques are designed to do exactly that.

The Daily Routine

In doing the Energy Mastery Techniques, you start out gradually increasing the techniques until your practice is forty-five minutes. You need only practice each techniques for three minutes at first. After several months of keeping a daily routine of practice, of being kinder to people and of achieving some success in sexual restraint, you will notice great improvement in such things as determination, creative imagination, clear thinking, clear memory, and decisiveness.

The Knowledge and Skills of the Energy Mastery Techniques

Prerequisites: Membership and Dharma (the right way of living) Initiation into the Natural Meditation of Australia, Inc.

The Technique of the Eyes

This is the first initiation into the Energy Mastery Techniques. It is the first step on the path of mastering your life energy. Select a symbol of Truth, God, Divine Love or the Absolute. Choose something that represents this to you. It may be a picture, a drawing a statue, a plant, etc. It maybe any physical thing that will stay still, as long as it represents Perfection to you or whatever you may call it.

Place the symbol you have chosen on a high or low table. Then look at the symbol with love and without blinking. Try to infuse your eyes and attention with love. If it should happen that your eyes automatically blink, ignore that and just go on for the duration of the sitting. Keep trying to look without blinking. If your eyes burn or water, or if your see various other images in your visual field, do not be concerned; the technique is working correctly. Ignore these phenomena and continue doing the technique as give to you. The crisis will pass.

On your second day of doing the technique of the eyes, continue gazing at the symbol for two minutes and on the third day increase to a total of three minutes. Continue doing the technique at three minutes per day. In a future lesson, you will increase the time.

This technique leads to your mastery of the life energy that flows through your eyes.
Other Energy Mastery Techniques are the techniques of the ear, nose, tongue, skin, speech, hands, and feet.

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