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Relating and Communication Exercises

Relating and Communication Exercises will increase your ability to know yourself and others. The exercises are done with a communicating partner and a listening partner. After a five minute period the roles are reversed. The technique is simple to learn and a valuable tool that improves one's quality of life immediately.

Natural Meditation of Australia holds Relating and Communicating Exercises upon request at the Centre in Merimbula, NSW Australia.

Everyone is welcome!


The Benefits of Relating Exercises

Relating is the interaction in a relationship; relating well is one of the basic skills leading to greater consciousness, success, and happiness in life. With successful relating you feel closer to others and live with greater harmony in your life. Your sense of separation dissolves; and there is more satisfaction in what you do. You have more energy to do things and creative ideas come into your mind more easily.

The Transfer of Skills and Knowledge in Relating Exercises

Relating Exercises enable you to relate with another person in a formal structure under the guidance of a trained supervisor. Within this structure, you can begin to open up and gain relating skills in areas beyond your current ability. When you do these exercises, you are encouraged to be as honest as you are can with yourself and say exactly how things are for you. If you do this, you will probably encounter difficulties. Your barriers to deeper relating are exposed when you do the exercises.

Relating Exercises are not intellectual exercises. They are exercises based on relating trouble spots—the actual problems and situations that occur in daily life. This is what gives the exercises their power along with the formal dyad structure of the exercise. Facing the reality of another is the key to better relating.


The Benefits of Communication Exercises

Most of human problems are caused by non-communication or poor communication. At heart people mean well and are caring individuals but are often misunderstood. They love you, but never communicate it. They try very hard to do well at their job, but the boss does not see this. Perhaps you feel generally misunderstood and shy away from interacting with others as a result. Learning to communicate well brings harmony and fulfillment into your life and is a primary skill in a successful life.

The Transfer of Skills and Knowledge in Communication Exercises

Communication is the transfer of information from one person to another. When you communicate, you want to “ring a bell” in the consciousness of another so he knows and understands your experience. To do this you need to be clear about what you want to communicate and then communicate it in a successful way. Many problems are caused by non-communication and can be easily resolved by following a few basic principles. In successful communication, you need to:

• acknowledge that other person is a conscious individual (entity) not a thing to be manipulated or used, or a mechanical device to pour in information

• put your focused attention on him or her

• realise that the other person has the power of choice to communicate or not

The crux of communication is your awareness of the other as a conscious individual or entity. This means that you set aside your own mind chatter and intend to see the true individual rather than physical characteristics, a personality or any other barrier in the way of communication. It is the consciousness of the individual that receives and responds to your communication.

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