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About Us

Natural Meditation of Australia is locataed in the state of New South Wales, Australia. It's Centre is in the eastern coastal town of Merimbula.

It provides a basis for uplifting the individual and society. It offers its members information, techniques, support and inspiration in the practice of Natural Meditation. It's Centre is a gathering place for the furtherance of its projects. The advice of experienced practitioners in Natural Meditation is made available as well as information, techniques, support, and inspiration in ethical living for the public through online resources, personal growth workshops, and yogic living classes.

Natural Meditation of Australia translates and publishes little-known yogic scripture and makes available to the public a library of world scripture and personal growth techniques. In addition, it actively promotes art, science and religion as the basis of an evolutionary world culture through its sponsorship of research and seminars.

It respects all religions and faiths, honors all great spiritual masters and teachers. It seeks to elevate world consciousness and foster understanding among all peoples by living in the direct personal experience of the Truth.

Light Path off the Boardwalk
awaiting your steps
in Merimbula, NSW, Australia


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